Installed Debian on my and have to say it's running really well considering it's just booted from an SD card.

I think I'll stick with it. Maybe move it onto a SSD to be the main OS, and mess around with some others though. I've been keen to have a NetBSD desktop again for a while. Was going to use one of my old machines for that, but maybe running it on something new would be fun too.

@mike I ran Debian when I first got mine, but the image I had was pretty outdated (the original one it shipped with).

I'm running Manjaro now, and after the initial shock of using something Arch-based for the first time, I really like it.

I'm using Remmina for VNC/Remote desktop to manage a bunch of machines (mostly over Wireguard or ssh) and it works really well.

@mike I've bought a bunch of 128GB SD cards so that I can simultaneously use several OSs/configs on it. When I get some more time, I plan to do a lot more experimenting.

@paradroyd I used the installer script that pulls from the current Debian unstable repos, and it's working great.

I tried Manjaro for a bit but it's all dark-themed out of the box and after changing every theme option I could find I was still getting dark app so I tossed it. I don't want to spend time on that kind of stuff.

But yeah, might get a few more SD cards and keep messing about with stuff, it's great being able to swap like that.

@mike I'm also using fscrypt ext4 fs encryption on my /home/paradroyd hierarchy, decrypted at login via PAM which works really well and was really easy to set up.

If someone were to get ahold of this thing they wouldn't be getting anything usable from my home directory.

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