Hey @Nikolai_Kingsley did you write alternate lyrics to "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" at some point? It came on in the car today and I realised what I wanted to be singing was different to what I was hearing but all I've got are vague fragments.

"With all your distrust it's a shame you can't dream" is the biggest piece I've got.

@mike i did! i posted it to talk.bizarre, but google can't find it. let me see:

Utter piquancy, Bennett. Shit, your friends are wierd, uh-huh
I was plain bored, fucked up on rum, and all out of speed
I thought I'd said you were an idiot scheme
Eternal vigilance was outside your means

I never wandered through the piquancy, uh-huh
You worked for X Industries like an armadillo, uh-huh



I started your arty ways, blues, madness, newbie atrophy
"Which," I said, "with all your disgust, it's a shame you can't dream."
You smiled like an art loon, dirty, uncouth
You said that lying was exactly like truth

You wore your hurt like a violin theme, uh-huh
I never dared taste the piquancy, uh-huh



It's utter piquancy, Bennett, yes, your friends are mean, uh-huh
Button-down dead-weight, reviewed missiles clogging the scene
Smiled at the bathroom, bluer than blue
You said that flying was exactly like you

You wore the hurt, finally seen, uh-huh
You never understood what it means to be me, uh-huh
You saw the excavations like they bore fruit, uh-huh
I couldn't, on demand
You said the pioneers were factual tools, uh-huh
You saw the dirt come flying on in, uh-huh



Buried in the sand,
Typed on the Underwood, don't fuck with me, uh-huh

character limits, lol

"You smiled like an art loon, dirty, uncouth
You said that lying was exactly like truth"

I remember loving this bit then, and I still do!


every time i try to find out what happened to him, i get results from that video game maker. is that him? wow.

@Nikolai_Kingsley I honestly don't know. The dates and locations match, but I emailed him once about the Chiqen and he said it wasn't him.

But two people with that name on Melbourne? I should have just straight up asked if he used to go by "benuti" instead of sending a picture of a boot with shit glued to it.

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