Just got a SMS notification from DHL about a delivery. Couldn't think of anything I'd ordered, it took me a while to figure out it must be my Pinebook! Now I'm pretty keen, can't believe I'd managed to almost completely forget about it.

Customs have apparently released my Pinebook, so now I'm just waiting for it to go for a ride on a truck to my house.

I have a feeling this might turn out to be the longest part of its journey.

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My theory may be flawed. Also, guess who has to go into the office today, for the first time in weeks?

@mike That's a lot quicker than my Pinephone!

@screenbeard pretty good at first glance, but I'll have to live with it a little to know for sure. About to run into work for a couple of hours now, so will play more tonight.

Gotta decide what to run on it, whether to leave it as is, or put Debian on it like every other computer I own.

@rnelson one of the first ones I saw that wasn't dark after switching everything to a light theme. Defaults were all way too dark and gloomy.

@mike Super! That came faster than you thought it would.

@GoatsLive much faster, I want really expecting to see it before October when I placed the order, which is why I was briefly confused when I got the shipping notice.

@mike Wow, that looks really sleek. Might have to pick one up myself!

@mike I will buy one to put an #openbsd on it. looks great 👌 😎

@mike meanwhile I'm still waiting on a smart watch I ordered this past Thursday to rock up and im impatient af AAAAAAAA WHY DID I TORTURE MYSELF WITH ONLINE SHOPPING

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