It's a hell of a mess here, but my is now actually working as a terminal for my main PC so I've effectively got three monitors now. I'm so cool.

@mike Hey, Mike, hove you checked out ? It's really cool, and probably going to be right up your street... It's run by ... It'll remind you of Compuserve, since you're into retro computing 🙂

@dave yeah I have an account there, I just rarely use it since I have enough stuff like that at home heh.

@dave @mike Thought I'd jump in since I've been on SDF for a while now, but validated only about a year. I love it, but I'm also now on the tildeverse via Like SDF, but focused on a more modern Unix-y experience IMO. 👍

@claudiom @mike Wow, that looks cool, too... I'll try that out, too. I love the front page 😀

@dave Yup! I'm on since I love OpenBSD, but there are other tilde instances that run on Linux, other BSDs, etc. There's also run by @tomasino which is privacy focused.

I even think there's one that runs on Windows. 😅


I clearly didn't pay attention one day and ended up in an alternate reality where computer tinkerers are cool 🤔

@mike but does it support truecolor? 😄 Nice work.

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