Whoa holy shit my gas bill just arrived and guess what, being stuck at home 24/7 during the middle of winter really isn't cheap. Who'd have thought?

@mike My electricity bill is also up quite a lot with two people working from home. We're really noticing not having solar panels. Haven't got a gas bill since we started using the heating. I think we'll also be in for a shock.

@matt yeah, can't imagine it'll be good, although my solar is making fuck all difference right now TBQH. I guess winter just has to be written off as sucking.

Today was nice for a bit though, I actually got to open some doors and finally get a bit of air in here. Kinda glad nobody's coming over right now it probably smells pretty damn stale and manky in here.

@mike I'm feeling it hard with the power bill. The only gas use is hot water from the instantaneous water heater.

@mike yeah it's a bit intense.

A bit late now but maybe next winter you can get electric throw blankets or even electric snuggies

They are obviously less comfy than heating the whole place but only draw around 100 watts and will keep you toasty if you're staying in one place. we've been making good use of them, certainly cheaper than the gas heater.

@Naeva next winter, sure - I can stay in one place a lot better if I'm not in the house 24/7. My restlessness right now is extreme, I need to whole house usable or I'll explode!

Staying in one place for more than 30 minutes is impossible for me. I wish I could just spend a few hours watching TV under a blanket, that'd be nice right now ...

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