I came into the office today specifically to accept delivery of a package, and I wish I'd checked the tracking page before I left because it's still in NSW.

Well at least I know I'll be able to leave early and go get my aquarium filter parts.

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Yeah! My filter parts are in stock and I can go pick them up now! Happy fish again!

Because I am a genius who doesn't need to cross-check part numbers or his exact filter model, and relies on memory and random third-party resources, I have ordered the wrong plug. Hooray for me for turning a mundane water change into a saga!

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@mike what fish do you have? Long long ago i had a mixed tropical tank, then just some cichlids. Currently have a small (empty) tank that was a failed three goldfish birthday present for our son a year ago, all three died at roughly fortnightly intervals, leading to much trauma :( Thinking of trying again

@ajft we just have a couple of rainbow fish, some tetras and a platy right now, it's pretty low-key. We had a huge goldfish who just suddenly died last year without warning and I'm just now starting to ramp up again.

Heartily recommend the rainbows as robust and happy companions.

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