"The case of a Belgian woman who believed that she was a chicken has been cited by psychiatrists as an example of a potentially under-reported mental health disorder linked to depression."

I had no idea this was an option. Why do I have to get the dumb kind of depression?

@mike this is too familiar to the oldest joke on psychiatric practice

@mike (FWIW: ‘doctor, my husband thinks he’s a chicken’. ‘I see, I’m certain I can treat him successfully’. ‘Wait, don’t do that, we need the eggs’)

@mike it's a crowing shame we're not all birds of a feather.

Sometimes I also think about the fact that in the past the treatment was vibrators and heroine. Damn shame that, damn shame.


"Remember that hypnotist who made me think I was a chicken? I'm a chicken, Marge!"

"Yes, Homie."

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