"Oh no, I overslept and I'm running late for work" is a lot less dramatic when your commute is walking into another room and clicking a "Connect to VPN" button.

@mike what overslept means keeps getting later and later though

@muffinista It's not much of a concept at all here now. I'm kind of enjoying the fact that I haven't needed to set an alarm for about three months. I generally wake up at some point within the hour-or-so window that I need to.

If not, the cat who wants his breakfast comes and points out my error.

@mike A hectic commute for me these days is when I wake my laptop up and it indicates that it has had too many suspend/resume cycles by refusing to reconnect to wifi.

@brendantcc if anything, I need to automate "disconnect" as I've lost count of how many times I've been sitting here for ages in the evening wondering why something is weirdly slow, before realising I'm still sending everything via work and back.

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