A few days ago I accidentally bit the inside of my right cheek which caused it to swell up a little and as a result I've bitten it two more times - enough to ensure it stays swollen and likely to get bitten again.

Human bodies are a fucking joke.

@mike I have a bit of a snaggletooth on my lower left jaw and, depending on how I bite down, I always bit my lower left inside part of my lip. And at times, it's multiple times right after. I hate it. 💢

@mike ugh, I hate it when that happens. It's such a frustrating cycle. Hopefully you'll get to healed without extra bites soon

@yoyehudi oh yeah it'll be fine before long, I just needed to complain briefly. 😁

@mike I do that a lot, it sucks. :( The only thing I’ve tried that seems to help it heal faster is to use antiseptic mouthwash often. Hurts like hell for a bit but seems to help with the irritation.

@drewzero1 yeah I've been doing that, it really does help a bit.

mild gore 

@mike I did this to the inside of my bottom lip enough times that it formed a mucoidal lump that didn’t go away after 6 months and had to pay $$ to have it chopped out 😠😠

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