I want to make bread tonight, given that I have none, but Brian is doing the starter equivalent of pulling the doona over his head and ignoring me, despite two good feeds.

So I've chucked some regular yeast in the dough with him. Fuck you Brian. You have one job.

@mike I wanted to make bread today, but my new Kenwood is sitting in the mail centre at Darra (from 7am this morning) and hasn't bothered to come the last leg yet.

@mike but if I drove over there, they wouldn’t give it to me.

If you drove over there, it would suddenly be delivered to a closed door xD

@mike Do you have an account on yet? Just checking. It's literally a tilde set up around the concept of bread.

@audiodude I don't think I've got the mental space to split my attention and posting to another place, to be honest. I love the domain name though!

@mike No worries, I was just wondering if you might already be there.

@pelagikat at his next performance review we're going to have a very serious discussion about KPIs.

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