Hey who's got two deteriorating eyes and brand new reading glasses? This guy.

It actually feels like my monitor is slightly larger when wearing these, it's a bit weird.

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@mike After getting my cataracts fixed 5 years ago, I used plain reading glasses for about a year before changing to extended-range multi-focals with an up-close reading zone and a focal range out to arms length. This setup is ideal for computer use.

@bignose I've only ever had glasses to assist long-distance vision before, so the effect on things quite close up is really new to me! I was really quite surprised by how things changed - for the better, of course, but still pretty unexpected. :awesome:

@mike Somehow that doesn't look remotely like your profile photo, haha.

Uh, please don't remind me. I've been due for new glasses for a few years. 😞

@normandc heh, yeah I was way overdue too. They had a very, very old address on file for me.

I couldn't avoid it any longer, my old glasses weren't for close-up stuff and I couldn't read the part numbers on ICs and stuff any more. Huge issue, heh.

Yeah, same for me, I've been near-sighted for most of my life, but in middle-age I now have trouble with close-up stuff as well (can't read inscriptions on medicine bottles anymore).

It's not even a question of budget, just procrastination and dread of having to deal with how do you call that, double-focus glasses?

@normandc bifocals? That was an option for me but I opted for just a simple set of reading glasses that are useless for anything else right now. I only really want the others when driving at night and my old ones are still fine for that purpose.

I might get some fancy ones and new sunglasses in the summer when I'm going out more.

Bifocals, thanks. (My native language is French, sometimes I struggle to find the right word in English)

2 pairs of glasses for separate purposes, now why didn't I think of that? It makes sense. I now only wear my current glasses when going outside for walking/bicycle riding/driving. Up until my mid-forties, I'd wear them all the time, even while reading (until I couldn't focus with them anymore); no doubt it damaged my vision.

@normandc yeah sounds the same as me. I've got away with just fairly light glasses until now, didn't have to wear them much. Now I've hit the late 40s though, everything's falling apart rapidly.

When I started taking photos of diodes so I could zoom in and look at the numbers on the side, I figured I couldn't put it off any longer. :awesome:

@mike 👍

Today was the day I finally admitted to myself that I probably need to be wearing my glasses all the time. Not just when "my eyes are tired."

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