Oh shit, I finished a project. This hasn't happened before, what do I do? :ohdear:

@stibbons oh, I mastered that part loooong ago! I'm just having trouble comprehending the number of projects going down.

@mike Pop champagne? Poker, hookers and crack? A dinner party in your honour?

@mike Congratulations! Now you should party and get drunk. (That's what I read somewhere) 😉


boast about it on masto... er... yes.

"carry on!" - Matt Curtis

@mike I’m not entirely sure projects finish. I suspect there might be pending iterations.

@urbanfuzzy yeah this one is definitely going to need a revisit later, but I definitely hit an end point for now. A lot of it was driven by learning stuff to apply elsewhere too.

@mike surely you now need to write up the "One weird trick to finishing a project" ad-heavy article to profit from this

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