Well the thing I built a studio in my back room to do isn't happening any more, so I guess I should just restart my podcast or start running a radio station. Or both.

The thing that's always bugged me about a radio station is filling in when there's no actual show scheduled. I have a reasonably capable robot DJ but it needs a library.

I wonder if I can build something entirely from public domain music and split it by genre enough to program actual "shows" in blocks.

This really does feel like a good winter evening project, so maybe I'll give it a good run.

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@aurynn that's probably the end result, there's a fair bit of crossover in the setup, heh.

Maybe I'll do very-low-power FM as well as internet streaming and include daily news updates related to the state of the fence, just for the houses immediately next to me.

@mike Watching Pump Up The Volume at a formative age has left me deeply interested in running a radio station.

@stibbons it had a similar effect on me. I actually got to do it in a small way for a while - I actually got paid for a couple of years to be the tech guy for Monash Uni's student radio station.

That definitely qualified as "dream job" and I loved it heaps and then they suddenly de-funded us and I just didn't have a job any more. Really depressing.

@mike I realize this is unlikely to meet your needs, but when I need endless music without human intervention I use random album play - ~1 hour hunks of music designed to go together, with a jump at the end of each.

@anne I had a little bit more "intelligence" in the scripts I used to use for the radio station I ran. I got really good results (assuming a broad enough library) with a search based on runtime, that decreased as it got deeper into the hour.

It would reliably finish a track with about 5 mins to go, and then look for something the exact right length +/- a few seconds. Retried if no match, so occasionally a few seconds of dead air for the search but not noticable.

I was proud of that setup!


*puts his entire mp3 collection on a thumbdrive* road trip!

> wait, who the hell is "Midori" - *listens* oh my god

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