Did some procrastination baking. I don't think I really needed 16 bread rolls for any specific purpose, but here we are ...

@mike They look awesome! Good procrastination. :)

@ashwinvis I think they would, the texture is just right for something like that.

I might have to make a curry for dinner tonight now!

@mike Luckily there is never "too much bread" because Bread and Butter pudding exists :)

@dadegroot I’ll see your bread and butter pudding, and raise you croutons! @mike

@piggo those look really good, but the resemblance stops when you look inside.

@mike really you should try baking ours some day, they're extremely good (and always disappear too quickly)

@piggo I had a look at the recipe and it seems like a good idea, but I'm not a big fan of walnuts.

@mike you can put almost anything inside, walnuts are not even that traditional. they're usually made with poppy seeds, curd (with raisins and lemon rind + juice) or plum jam -based filling

secret bread confession 

@mike yum!! I think of your dinner rolls all the time

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