Hey Fedi, are there any instances that are stable, maintained and working? I signed up on one ages ago but it seems bugged and I've never been able to upload anything. The pod chooser on the project page doesn't tell me much about reliability, looking for personal experiences if possible.

I don't want to run one myself, I just want to move the few things I have on Soundcloud somewhere relatively stable so I can just forget about them again.

@mike good news, it looks like PeerTube will scrape soundcloud (with the option enabled) just tested it:

if you have/know of a good peertube instance that is! We're too small right now (just a 45gb vps) but @nimda might figure something out with backblaze b2... then who knows what'll happen!

@VidWizard @nimda I don't need to scrape anything, I can just upload the original source files again. Using a video site for that seems a bit of overkill, honestly. I just have about 20 short audio tracks to rehost.

@mike well there's always the WWW, the og federated social protocol

could model it off this:

@VidWizard well yes, but I'm looking for a little more functionality, obviously.

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