One of the other reasons I was excited to get the Amiga bundle was that I now finally have a monitor that works perfectly with the in 80 column mode, making it a practical terminal amongst other things.

I actually spent a lot of time looking up pinouts for the video connectors on the internet and cross checking to see if it was correct, when it turned out I had all that information in the manuals right here, plus schematics for the monitor, the whole time.

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@mike I'd love to get a C128 someday and set it up as a terminal lol, seems pretty cozy.

@tadan0 it's a really nice keyboard to type on too, and the slight angle is really good.

@mike Do you know if a retrotink can be used to connect a C128 in 80 column mode to a modern monitor?

@loke the C128 RGB video out is more-or-less CGA. If it handles that, it'll probably work.

I'd love to point you to a great discussion I had on this topic a few months ago, but the forum it happened on vanished without warning a few days ago.

@mike I had to make a custom video to composite cable for my C64. So yeah, that's what makes it feel real.

I really need a C128 now.

@mike Need to work on your soldering though. Practice makes perfect! :P

@cefiar I fucking hate soldering DIN plugs. Plugs in general, but I just refuse to put any effort into those fuckers.

Cable was an old PS/2 keyboard extension lead, heh. I honestly wasn't even sure I had the right pinouts for everything. A miracle that it worked perfectly first time.

@Funkpirata I also love the previous owners of these things that kept it all!

@mike I used a 1084 for everything back in the day. Computers, big dish, vcr... everything.
I also had a genlock. I had two IR LEDs on my unused joystick port (not a gamer) and used it to manipulate all the stereo-tv stuff. I had a IR mouse and a pair of IR-> RF transmitters. A middle-click on the mouse brought up a full screen remote gui (I did in Rexx) of buttons overlaid on the video signal via the genlock. I got crazy later with voice control and vox activated walkytalky's. 1994... crazy guy

@gemlog @mike

1084 was a very good monitor, I had one in the mid-late 90s used for videomaking (as you could even run s-video into it by making up a cable to split the 4-pin DIN to 2 x RCA jacks for the Y/C signals)

@gemlog @mike

this might be a European thing (perhaps Australia too as AU is a PAL country), with analogue video you often needed a whole load of adapters with a SCART plug at one end and RCA, DIN, even BNC and PL259 at the other depending what you were connecting your audio and video equipment to (most older VCRs made in the 1980s didn't have SCART, but the French took over a lot of UK consumer electronics companies and introduced it on rebadged Japanese equipment..)

@gemlog @mike

SCART connector info is below (AFAIK its never been a thing in North America) , there were also SCART leads used with a 1084 to display S-Video - with regard to retrocomputing its also not uncommon for TVs with SCART that accept RGB input to be used with custom made leads for old computers and consoles...

yeah, what a soup of 'standards', pal, secam, ntsc...I have 3.58meg burned into my brain - what a horrible compromise was ntsc!
Anyhow, you know what they say: "The beautiful thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from." /sarcasm.
Also, we all know this xkcd:

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