Is there an abnormal amount of mosquitoes around right now or am I just getting hit hard personally?

@Mike, First of His Name  We normally get mozzies this time of year but they've been noticeably absent since the bushfires. Instead we've had an invasion of little tiny bugs - sort of like fruit flies, over the last couple of weeks. They're bloody everywhere.

@mike that sounds awful, nah haven't seen anything like that, just getting eaten alive in the back yard.

@mike @mike clearly not drinking enough G&T's to teach them a lesson.

@mike Not mozzies here but argh, the FLIES! 10 minutes outside netting one of the tomato beds, and the buggers were trying to get into ears, nose, eyes. Bastards.

@Smiffi Surgubben @Mike, First of His Name Yeah this started off as our worst year ever for flies also. October and November were especially bad - but they all vanished around New Years. I think the smoke got 'em.

@mike They're pretty bad at my place. I can go maybe 5 mins outside before they find me.

@mike we had a plague here in Newcastle a month ago, after that rain. Aeroguard was sold out in every shop even before panic buying began. They're all gone now. We are mozzie free. Maybe they all flew away to your neck o' the woods.

@space_cadet it's just another factor encouraging me to remain indoors now.

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