Honestly my favourite thing about the fediverse at the moment is the - more please. Never stop not breadposting.

I broke my double negative intention by overthinking it while editing the post and I've decided to let it stand because ah fuck it.

great stuff! Mind sharing the name of the toot aggregator?

@empwilli it's just Mastodon's preview page for a hashtag. The link is even in the image text description.

@mike I’d like to get into #breadposting. Which are your favourite accounts?

@mike Thanks for sharing this, I hadn't come across it. I will definitely contribute as many breads as I can!

@mike What is that web interface you are using to folow the hashtag? Looks great!

@seb that's just the default Mastodon web UI! You can link to any instance's view of a given hashtag really easily.

@Mike, First of His Name @seb :pine64: :manjaro:

"You can interact with them if you have an account anywhere in the fediverse".

Maybe somebody will actually publish how  - because it isn't part of ActivityPub and simply isn't true.  Actually it appears Mastodon might be using an undocumented extension to an old OStatus mechanism for remote following people; extended to follow other objects. But that's just a guess from looking at my logs and doesn't make any sense since OStatus was presumably removed from Mastodon a few months ago.
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