Who'd have thought that commenting my assembly code would lead to me getting a song stuck in my head?

I have only myself to blame.


For someone who remembers having to restart the computer and reload the entire assembler environment from a floppy disk every time you wanted to actually test run the code you wrote (because you only had one computer) an environment like this kinda feels like easy mode.

Not to mention the whole other monitor with reference docs and an entire internet of information ...

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@mike My colleagues "love" it when I comment my code with pop song lyrics.

@mike Indeed. It’s also nice not having to put your program in DATA statements that you POKE into memory in a loop and then invoke with a SYS statement.

@mike 8-bit Show And Tell on youtube has a trick using, I think, an REU and snapshot cartridge to keep the assembler in memory while developing on real hardware.

Think I can find that video now?

He has some good C64 assembly tutorials anyway.

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