It amazes me that pretty much anything that involves interacting with physical objects around here gets added to the 'Systems Admin' queue. Right now there's a job there to replace the filter in the kitchen's chilled water dispenser. Definitely a task that requires my expertise in Unix administration.

@mike Stuck doors, flipping breakers, ceiling fans.

@smeg the only one of those things I haven't dealt with here is ceiling fans, and that's because we don't have any.

Once one of the devs removed the arms from his office chair, and came to my office to present them to me, like a cat offering up a dead mouse.

@mike Get a small circuit board and tape it to the sink. Tell everyone "you don't need to log a ticket for that anymore. It's on the network so it will just ping me when it's ready to replace again."

@MattHatton the case actually states that there's a blinking light on the tap that's indicating the need for a filter change, so my feeling is that the correct approach would be to stop that light from blinking. With extreme prejudice.

@mike @MattHatton

> the correct approach would be to stop that light from blinking. With extreme prejudice.

a little can of Humbrol paint - dark green, like an unlit LED - and a thin brush, could do so much good here.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @mike @MattHatton Happy that there's a facilities team at $DAYGIG that takes care of 99% of that.

@mike ✅ Is this a system?
✅ Does it need to be administered?

@daedalus no joke, we have a document titled "Kitchen System" that runs down a bunch of simple if/then statements to tell people when to load or unload the dishwasher, because apparently that's how you have to explain things to programmers.

@daedalus I'm still undecided if it's unforgivably patronising or a legitimate necessity.

@mike @daedalus legitimate necessity. Having known a number of programmers, and at one time being married to one, absolute necessity. 😢

@Andrea @mike As I get older, I am more and more a fan of making things that require a shared understanding explicit and visible to all.

@Andrea @mike I shall call it Justin's Inconceivable Mantra.

Streams, pipes and filters. I dunno, but it sounds very Unixy to me.

@mike You do that through unix console, right? I don't see your problem. Average users may not know all the proper arguments and they may damage the filter or the connecting thingamajig. Or the whole thing may freeze. Oh, wait. Chiller. Then, umm..

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