FUCK OPTUS. Seriously. After all the long conversation a month ago, I got an email confirming cancellation of my old broadband account.

Today, payday, I pull up what I assume is my final bill to pay it off and get them out of my life and find the billing period for the broadband account is the full month.

Plugged the old cable modem back in, and ... it works. The service is still fucking active.

This is hilarious.

"I've checked your account and the services were cancelled."

"I plugged the old modem back in and hooked my laptop to it and it worked."

"I've double checked and the services were cancelled."

"It's on my bill. You charged me for it."

"I'll transfer you to the billing team."

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(Paraphrasing, but not much)

"You should pay the full amount listed on the bill now, and I assure you that it'll be adjusted and you'll receive a credit on your next bill."

"There will not be a next bill, as I am terminating my remaining services and moving them to another provider tomorrow."

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We've settled on me paying the bill amount for the linked mobile phone account (fair) and waiting for the next issued bill on the 24th of January, which should contain an adjustment for the cancellation in December.

I don't have any faith it will, but I also want to go watch some TV.

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@mike so, what happens if you don't pay? Do they cut you off? πŸ˜†

@mike has Optus been bought out by internode? I'm getting flashbacks.

@mike I am yet to come across a more incompetent telecommunications company.

We were on Optus cable at our last place and it was absolute trash. Fixed wireless at the farm shits all over it.

@MattHatton believe me I know. When we moved here, Optus cable was literally the only option. I "cancelled" within minutes of my NBN connection becoming active.

@MattHatton @mike that might be the very first time I've seen someone say fixed wireless shits on anything at all.

@twiddlekins @MattHatton I have used fixed wireless up in Halls Gap a lot, and it's honestly not that bad.

Might be some places where the backhaul is underprovisioned or maybe it's congested to hell during peak times, but my experience with it has been fine.

@mike I had the opposite happen. I cancelled HBO (after GOT ended) and they took it off of my bill. But I kept getting it for free! Maybe you're still getting it for free.

@kc it's definitely not free, I'm looking at the bill now.

@mike how much clearer can you make it that you want them gone? lol. Do they put you on hold every time you call?

@kc I use their online chat thing, it's much better response time than the phone and I get a transcript as well! :awesome:

@mike oh. never used that before. I do my stuff online or on the some call center in the philipines or India or something. WHEREVER. They get it done.

@mike if you have a transcript you can prove they owe you $ now.

@Andrea No matter what happens, I'm going out to get sim cards tomorrow morning and I'm transferring Eris and my mum off their Optus accounts ASAP so I can just flat out refuse to pay the bill.

@mike north america? Some of the smaller, cheaper competing companies are pretty killer and some suck for quality of product. I just stick with the big ones because I'm a sucker.


kind of glad i don't get my internet from them, now. also glad i insist on paying my phone bill manually.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @mike this it's why I have all of my utilities separated, or if multiple are with the same, then under different email addresses and accounts, so there's no overlap. And I pay everything manually wherever possible.

Currently trusting Aussie BB to not fuck it up.

"I'm not going anywhere"
"I am terminating my remaining services and moving them to another provider tomorrow."
out of context that made me laugh πŸ˜‚

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