Urgh my pay hasn't shown up in the bank. It's not technically overdue until tomorrow but it's always there by now.

I've emailed people about it and there's nothing I can actually do right now, but manually performing all the automatic transfers that have now failed won't be fun.

Phew, it's in my account. Just after 5. Now to start figuring out what needs to be fixed manually.

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@Kels_316 at my company it's pretty rare, but it's happened JUST often enough in the last decade that I get nervous when it seems like the usual timing is off, but still feel like a bit of a dick for hassling the admin staff when it's not technically overdue YET.

But if I wait for it to be officially overdue, it's after close of business and it takes another full day to sort out ...

Urgh. Fuck financial stress.

@mike @Kels_316 That’s why I only automatically send all the money a few days after my salary usually arrives. ;)

@mike I'm so happy my bank auto-retries for a few days after (and sends you snailmail about it - not that I ever open it until like a month later), otherwise I would be in so much financial trouble.

Apologies if it's private, but why are your automatic transfers bound to the pay? Doesn't your bank do them anyway?

@ultem I don't know what you mean. They can only transfer money that's in the account ... if it's not there, the transfer fails. I guess if I had some kind of overdraft arrangement there'd be an agreement to cover things, but that'd be if I was a business, not a regular person.

Ah gotcha. Most banks here in Germany allow automatic overdrafts since they make a lot of money this way.

Hope your pay arrives soon!
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