Hey folks, I've added a bunch of the state-based feeds and the climate statements feed from the Bureau of Meteorology to so you can follow them from the fediverse.


If anyone has any other RSS feeds they'd like to see I'm kinda promoting this server from "experimental" to "testing".

info by preference, but not exclusively.

@mike Really neat idea but I can't seem to open them with Fedilab on Android. :(

@unperson "open" or is there an error following?

I don't know what viewing the profile might do in Fedilab, I don't have a copy. If they just look like there's no content when you follow them, that's probably right. A lot of them haven't posted anything at all yet.

@mike hi, I’m also having the same problem on Amaroq iOS 🤔🤔

@mike @unperson I get an error pop up with “failed to load user error -1100”

@mike so I need a feedtube account to follow them?

@tqft I hope not, because there's no such thing as a feedtube account. They should be followable like any remote instance user.

A couple of people mentioned issues with mobile clients, it might be necessary to follow from the web interface of your instance. I'll try to dig into any issues like that on the weekend, I've not encountered anything like that personally.

@mike ok.
Am using tusky will try web when I can

@tqft I realise this doesn't prove anything, but they all appear as normal accounts to be followed in Tusky for me. The only reports I'd seen were for Fedilab and Amaroq, neither of which I have. Tusky should be fine though, I can't imagine why it's not.

@mike touched account to follow and only got browser options. Tusky on Android

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