Why are the ocean levels rising up?

Happy 30th birthday, Flood. One of the albums I've listened to more than any other came out on January 15, 1990. Going to be adding a couple more plays to the pile today.

@mike I'm your only friend, I'm not your only friend, but I'm a little glowing friend, but really I'm not actually your friend...

@mike 🎶 we can’t be silent 🎶
🎶 ‘cause they might be giants and what’re we gonna dooo if they arrrre 🎶

@ThermiteBeGiants @mike 🎶 Even old New York
was once New Amsterdam.
Why they changed it
I can't say.
People just liked it better that way.🎶

@daedalus @mike 🎶 why did old Constantinople get works? 🎶
🎶 that’s nobody’s business but the Turks 🎶

@mike Now it's over I'm dead and I haven't done anything that I want, or I'm still alive and there's nothing I want to do...

@CuriosityBlue I was young and foolish then, I feel old and foolish now.

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