"Hi Mike, I need immediate access to some files that are on an old laptop that was replaced a year ago, in the home directory of someone who hasn't worked here for 4 years. It is very urgent."

And yes, I was able to grab the laptop from storage and copy the files onto the server because I can see into the future. I knew this day would come when they told me they had "copies of everything important" and it was "fine to take the laptop now".

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@Nikolai_Kingsley I hoard data like mad. I never reformat a hard drive unless I absolutely have to. I have some very old machines on the shelf.

@mike but you're just enabling poor behaviour! 😉

@Roceal I came really close to saying "It's gone. That machine was scrubbed and redeployed."

Just to see how important it really was.

"that are on an old laptop"

Narrator voice: They aren't.
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