It doesn't matter how good your post is, or what it's about ... if you put an apostrophe where it doesn't belong or wrote "breath" instead of "breathe" or used the wrong form of "your" then I will not favourite it, boost it or even press very firmly on the screen as I attempt to scroll the damaged object from my sight as rapidly as possible.

I recognise that this is indicative of a deep flaw in me personally, but I don't expect it'll be overcome any time soon.

@virtualwolf @mike But you'll loose the point of those posts that way!

@mike sometimes when a post is fire, I’ll dm someone and make them fix it so I can rtw.

The first steppe is recognsing that I hvae a problem

@mike I have the same reaction, coupled with constant anxiety that my grammar is rubbish and I'm a massive hypocrite :-/

I used to have the same issue with se errors, which came in handy when I was editing books for a living. I grew milder as more people got online, many being the first in their families to write something in public. Or not writing in their mother tongue. Or screwed over by Microsoft's autocorrect that didn't understand non-English languages and forced the wrong spelling and grammar onto people whose skills were weak to begin with.

@mike if (when) you see any of mine like that, please feel free to give me shit about it :)


that reminds me, if we're going to revisit old FDP songs, we should revisit that one.

is it bad of me that I was kinda hoping your post got affected by Muphry's law? 😅

@cosullivan @mike

imagine my horror at seeing I had used the wrong homophone right smack dab in the middle of a multitoot rant, too deep in the thread to delete & re-draft

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