Today I bought a 9 litre container just to keep flour in, because I have accepted my fate.

@mike I own several large food safe buckets now because of this whole thing.

@Tarale yeah I'm going to have to take a good hard look at how to gut and rebuild the existing pantry this weekend too, I think.

The containers are a good start, but I need to think about workflow too.


@mike I'm not there yet. I'm still at "I have stuff everywhere and it's very silly".

@Tarale oh, believe me that's where I am too. I'm trying to fix that to some degree. :awesome:

@Andrea @mike I have three. I wanted to get the ones mentioned in this book but they cost way too much, and there are food safe buckets at Bunnings. Mr 2 is very excited about "BUNNINGS BUCKET" though.

@Tarale @mike We don't have anywhere to store any more large buckets, sadly. :(

@virtualwolf @mike yeah, mine are on the spare bed in the study. There are a lot of things on there again :/

just a single one? But what about all the other types of flour you can use? πŸ˜‚

@FiXato well the bulk of it really is just one type, the library of other ones don't need topping up quite so often heh


somewhere in thefuture i can see a small bakery called BLACK BUNS, with you lying asleep on a couch in the back room with a lit cigarette in your mouth.

@bignose well, there goes my plausible deniability ... thanks!

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