My Switch was allegedly delivered and "left in a safe place" at 5:30pm and there's no sign of it here.


I guess that's "Merry Christmas, Mike" for this year.

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I just got an email from Australia Post with my case number and the words "Your item is due for delivery today" so FINGERS CROSSED.

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It still shows as DELIVERED but the item location has now changed back to sorting centre and it went "on board for delivery" at 9:30am.

Cautiously optimistic!

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At 6:30pm, just as I was assuming there was no chance of hearing anything more today ... a dude in high-vis walked up to the door.

Thank you all for your support, I was so depressed yesterday. It'd been a financial stretch for me that I'd kinda felt uncertain about to start with, so when it all went wrong I was just at a complete loss for what to do.

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@mike No. Call the delivery company.

Find the fucker who delivered it.
Make him tell you where he left it (wrench to the kneecaps is optional)

@mike Doesn't the delivery guy give you a call when they arrive?

@loke I got an email notification from Australia Post at the time it was allegedly delivered, yes. I'd never expect someone to call me.

@mike That sounds annoying. Here they give you a call asking what to do with the package.

@loke I have had heaps of things delivered here, and this is the first time there's been any issue. Normally it's shut inside the screen door or something.

I had two boxes outside the door for 24 hours the other day because I forgot to bring them in when I got home.

@mike That's fucked. I second the suggestion of phoning, and I hope they can help you. But fuck. FUCK. :( I'm sorry

@Tarale I lodged a case with auspost, pretty much the only option I have.

@mike I hope they take it seriously and you get some good news soon

@mike Hmmm... This is of course why I use a parcel locker. (that and AustPost never deliver parcels to my place anyway)

@dadegroot the original delivery date given was a day I was going to be home. They've come two days earlier than the estimate.

I shouldn't have trusted that date, I really shouldn't have.

@mike oh, I thought it was the nbn box, which is replaceable, not the Switch. Urgh.

@PaulfromOz my only vague hope is that the location it's marked as scanned at is one suburb over, so maybe it's been dropped at the wrong house.


I was thinking maybe the safe place was somewhere very safe and it's still there but that's a long shot

ouch, sorry to hear that @mike... Any neighbours you can check with?

Maybe the delivery person now is enjoying Mario Kart :(

@FiXato both houses on either side are empty. I went and checked their front doors though. Nothing.

it's utterly stupid that in this day and age they still think it's okay to just leave a package unsupervised.
Is it possible to have your address marked as not wanting packages to be left at the door when no-one's home, and instead being returned to the post office for manual pick-up?

@FiXato I have changed my default to that now, and I was a bit surprised it wasn't a "signature required" delivery but I can't remember if I chose that or not. Originally it was supposed to be delivered on a day I was home, too. Only changed to "today" today.

@mike @FiXato what a nightmare. I hope you're able to track it down. Do they photograph where they leave the packages? When Amazon started doing that my "lost" boxes shrank considerably.


what are the odds someone stole it? in the deserted wasteland where you live?

@Nikolai_Kingsley it's not that deserted really. I honestly don't know. We've had packages of all shapes and sizes left out front for years and it's been fine.

Why now? Why this one?

Maybe just to teach me a lesson about thinking I can have nice things.


"left in a safe place" is bullshit. for packages over the value of two dollars, if you aren't home they should leave a note and take it back to the depot.

@Nikolai_Kingsley I'm still not even sure where the decision to not have it require a signature came from.

I did have that as a default set on my Auspost account, but they didn't know that until I logged in and added the tracking number to me account ... after it was sent.

I thought "maybe I should change that" but it didn't seem to be an option for a package already in transit.

Plus it was originally stated it was getting delivered on a day I was going to be home, so I just dunno at all.


if you aren't sitting out front on a rocking chair with a shotgun across your lap, surrounded by cats, then you aren't doing it right.


organize a flash mob. then when they say "we tried to deliver it but nobody was home", you can show them the pictures.

@mike oh! I'm so happy to see you got it! I completely understand being depressed yesterday… I would be too! I hope you're enjoying your new toy! We love ours. I've been playing a LOT of Stardew Valley on it.

@mike Good to hear! I wish you manh hours of shell-free Mario Kart.

yay! :D So glad to hear it actually got there! Any explanation from #AUSPost as to the 'delivered at safe spot' status notification?

@mike that's awesome news Mike. Unwrapping a new game toy still makes me feel like a kid :-)

@Funkpirata I wanted Untitled Goose Game in my life so much, and it did not disappoint me at all. This evening has been as good as yesterday was bad. Could do without the stress though ...

@mike I was really hoping for this outcome, and that the delivery person had just jumped the gun. Possibly trying to meet kpi's?

@Andrea given the proximity to 5:30pm of the timestamp, I was hoping someone just knocked off for the day and scanned the wrong thing at the wrong place.

Wouldn't surprise me if there's no mechanism to undo a delivered status easily.

But it's really just been guesswork with so little information and no real options for recourse.

@mike @Andrea I once took a parcel to a physical Aus Post store to get a lodgement receipt. The counter staff person scanned it as DELIVERED and not LODGED. Tracking for that parcel showed it as DELIVERED right from the outset even though there were later scanning events. So I support your theory.

@mike and yet, if they'd hired me when I applied a couple of years ago, I would have sorted all of these problems out by now.


do you have an old phone you can set up in a window to record the porch action?

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