I've been waiting literally for years for an NBN connection so I can finally have full IPv6 at home, and now I'm just 3 days away from connection and my future ISP has just suspended their IPv6 beta program due to Cisco bugs.

@virtualwolf I had such plans for how I was finally going to rearrange my infrastructure and bring some services back home. Well, I'm sure it won't delay things by more than a decade.

It's understandable ... it's not like IPv6 has been around for 20 years or anything, right?

@mike Nah, it's definitely a pretty recent thing! Gotta give it time to get the kinks worked out. /s

I was playing around with IPv6 but I don't entirely understand it, and am not really keen on having all of my internet network exposed directly to the internet, heh.

That's funny. Not long after I changed ISP's here in Singapore because the old one did such a bad job with IPv6, the new one did exactly the same thing as you experienced, they suspended it because a firmware upgrade caused issues.

In my case I argued that the only reason I changed to them was because of their superior IPv6 support, so they configured it manually for me.

@jchelp Aussie Broadband. Not really holding it against them, it's just a bit frustrating that I'm so close to having the capacity to host some things at home, after years of getting dates pushed back.

@mike Yikes. I'm with Exetel and we've had IPv6 for a while now.

@mike @jchelp I've heard really good things about Aussie broadband. Was planning to go with them when we eventually get nbn in my suburb (which happens to be 2km from the city center :-/).

@Funkpirata @mike @jchelp I'm in the CBD and don't have nbn yet! But then neither does my new place yet.

I'll be going with Aussie BB. Love their service down on the island. Way better than any other mob I've been with in the last couple of decades.

@mike Sympathies. I moved to Internode back in 2010 because they were one of the few ISPs that offered IPv6 and I wanted to hone my skills. Coming up on my nine-years-on-IPv6 anniversary this month!

@futzle yeah I've used Internode when possible but at my current address Optus cable was literally the only option. Felt like a huge step backwards.

Also, had some terrible experiences with Internode lately. TPG has destroyed them. Hardly anyone competent left there. RIP.

@futzle @mike glad you are having good experiences with them. Once I'm out of contract with them I won't touch them again.

First place on nbn, hey, good experiences. Added a second place, specified it was a second place, they kept disconnecting my primary and charging for break of contract. Took a good 3-4 months to sort out and many irate phonecalls. I ended up having to split the accounts so they'd get it right, and they still stuffed it up.

@Andrea @mike I admit I've been fortunate with my dealings with Internode. It could also be that I'm on a business plan so I get priority call handling and a service level agreement. But more likely I've just been lucky. Definitely don't have any loyalty to them since TPGification.

@Andrea @futzle @mike Aye, I'd been with Internode since 2007. Fucking TPG. Very happy with Aussie Broadband now though.

@virtualwolf @futzle @mike I was a happy labyrinth user back in the day, bought out by eftel and no longer Melbourne local, so I switched to netspace, which also went to the WA iinet, bought out by internode, etc...

I miss the old labyrinth days...

@Andrea @virtualwolf @futzle after the coalition destroying the NBN, I'd say TPG is the second worst thing that ever happened to the internet in this country.

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