In other exciting news, my brand new starter has come to life and is bubbling away in its jar. Looking forward to some experiments with that soon.

@mike Oooo niiiice. We don’t really have anywhere particularly useful to store a sourdough starter in our place, sadly. Maybe I’ll give it a go over the Christmas break though...

@mike I have wanted to make my own starter for literally years. I should get off my butt and, ahem, start one.

@pelagikat I felt the same, the stakes were so hilariously low that I decided to just go for it.

Also there's a sourdough bakery that I have to walk past on the way home every day, that smells awesome but DOES NOT SELL DIRECT TO THE PUBLIC ... so I think my first loaf should be in the shape of a giant, raised middle finger.

@mike @pelagikat You need to find a sheltered spot nearby and see if you can germinate a starter from all the bits of theirs floating around in the air. 😉

@mike I've heard of restaurants that have had a mother dough going for many decades. What did you use for it? Apple peel?

@Funkpirata nah, nothing so fancy, just open air and wishful thinking. We'll see what kind of character it has soon enough.

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