Rustic-looking round loaves in cast iron look and taste great, but I also need to be able to make sandwiches to take to work. I'm really happy with this loaf. Can't wait to have my lunch tomorrow.

Pretty much this recipe, but with about 20% wholemeal flour just for a little extra flavour:

@Funkpirata I'm happiest with the crust, it's just perfect. Crisp but not tough, and just thick enough.

Will be taking egg and lettuce sandwiches to work tomorrow to test drive the structural integrity!

@mike ahhh egg and lettuce. A fine sammich indeed. I hope it's everything you dreamed it could be

@mike how do the cast iron pans work out? I’ve got enamel and I don’t like them much. The alternative is Teflon coated stuff which is toxic and doesn’t last particularly long they need to be replaced.

@dch I really like cast iron stuff, but you've got to be prepared to look after it - not that it's highly demanding, really.

I just have a small dutch oven (as of just a few days ago) and an old faithful skillet that makes amazing pancakes (and other things).

Doing bread in the dutch oven has been quite successful so far, but the sample size is only two loaves. 😀

Looks like good bread. We love ourselves some cast iron cooking.

@virtualwolf I had some as toast for breakfast and it was fucking amazing. I might cut back the sugar in the recipe next time, though.

@mike Oh jesus, I just looked at the recipe. Yeah, a quarter of a cup seems like a LOT. I’ve been doing the Flour Water Salt Yeast recipes and those are also the only ingredients, hehe.

@virtualwolf it's a batch that makes two loaves (I have half the dough in the fridge still) but yeah it's quite sweet. It might be important for the soft but crisp crust to work as well as it does.

The wholemeal flour is coming through beautifully though.

Damn, I'll have to bake more bread to try things out, what a chore ...

@mike Ohnoes, however will you cope! ::dramatic hand to forehead::

looks like that loaf might make for some good cheese toasties and French toast as well?

@FiXato almost certainly, but my main need is for something that fits in my plastic sandwich container to take to work. If I've got leftovers by the weekend, I'll definitely give that a shot.

@mike @FiXato

> my main need is for something that fits in my plastic sandwich container to take to work.

Arthur Dent: What's wrong with that footsoldier?

Golgafrinchan Executive (darkly) his feet are the wrong size for his boots.

@Funkpirata quite well, but I really tortured it, heh.

I cut it a bit thick, and because I was generous with the fillings it got really squashed in the sandwich container. I think I should have just done one sandwich.

One one small bit had any structural issues though, so calling it a solid win.

@mike maybe you need a bigger sammich container :-P

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