Facebook's domination of social contact is like having friends who'll only talk to you if you sit in a bathtub full of shit with them.

@mike I so far have had a 100% failure rate attempting to convince people to use mastodon. The typical response is "no one I know uses it", to which I still can't seem to craft any kind of answer.

@Funkpirata people install crapware apps by the thousand on their phones, but ask them to come chat with you somewhere that isn't manipulating you into generating revenue for an American corporation and it's all "too hard".

Fuck this world.

@Funkpirata @mike

the people who can't be convinced to use mastodon... shouldn't be.

@Funkpirata @mike "I use it, I thought you might like it too. I like it. I'm gonna keep using it. Maybe I'll see you there sometime."

(which beats the crap out of my initial answer, "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you knew who I was." Which takes the conversation immediately to hostile/hurt area, and ... yeah just "no, Truck, that's not where you or anyone else need to go.")

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