Last year, when we said goodbye our 15-year-old cat, I swore I wasn't going to have another pet ... then this young man literally walked in off the street and made himself at home.

He has a bell on his collar but it only rings when he chooses. He can move silently through the house, then his bell will give a little ring when he's ready. You turn around and there he is looking at you.

He has issues. He's seen some shit, but that doesn't matter. He is a Good Boy. His name is Meech.

@mike He looks beautiful <3 Thank you for adopting him.

@mike It is so, so special to be chosen by a cat. Congrats to you both! He's adorable.

@mike It's the best thing when cats choose you as their person. May your time together be filled with peace, love and headbutts.

awesome ... i can relate
we only had one male, my daughters cat
one of three, he let her dress him but we had an understanding ... i'm the boss!
the only one holding on was Mitzi ...
she made it to 18 and we said never again
then we got Sasha ... a Russian blue rescue
she's a substitute, i had 2 convince her
that we are here 2 make her happy ...
she knows that, now ... and we 😻

but males are special ... so easy going
Meech must be! i can tell

@mike I am For the first time on Mastodon. Is it as good as twitter_ assuming you had a Twitter account _

@mike Reminds me of our former car. She also got thrown out by somebody and found her new home in our house. Never ever want to miss that time! Thanks for giving Meech a home!

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