It's been a Metallica kind of day. I wish I had better headphones at work.


I just got a new work PC, and the headphone socket is in a different place. This makes the (rather short, really) cable on my headphones hang in the air a bit and now it brushes my arm occasionally.

I think this is sufficient justification for new work headphones.

@mike Actually, not having good enough headphones is justification enough.

@skalman I do agree, but if the ones I have actually work, then it's a question of how urgently to prioritise the new ones.

None at all is "down tools, leave the building and do not return without headphones".

@Mike, First of His Name @Shellman the Tortoise 🐢 I must have hundreds of headphone extenders. If I find myself traveling in that direction I'll drop off a few. My problem is that I've got great headphones (I used to have a recording studio) but they're getting old and the foam around the ears is starting to disintegrate. I can't afford another pair of this caliber.

@spider @mike Know the feeling. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD-500 with disintegrated ear caps...

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