I've been working all day in the back yard, I got a lot of things done and even if I'm supposed to be good and restrained with my finances right now I really think I deserve a pizza for dinner.

See! I have slain the mighty agapanthus beast that dwelled beneath the nectarine tree. It will terrorise this land no more.

Also, my barrel looks like it's in pretty bad shape, can anyone recommend a good cooper?

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"How much intelligence does it take to sneak up on a leaf?"
- Speaker-to-Animals


I tend to put my spare change in a jar for just that occasion. Today's lunch (to celebrate my successful configuration of my PBX to greet whoever calls with option codes) is a domino's pizza.

And rewarding yourself for good/hard work makes you more likely to do it again in the future!


that reminds me, I should try making #pizza completely from scratch one day.
#AlexFrenchGuyCooking has an interesting #NoKnead #PizzaDough #recipe I want to try out:

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