Hey, people using a static site generator like Jekyll or Hugo that uses Markdown docs - what's your workflow/toolkit for organising images and stuff for posts?

I think the only thing really holding me back on a couple of sites is that I love using lots of images in the middle of posts, and I've kinda relied on being able to drag things into and around my posts on the fly with things like the Wordpress editor and I haven't found an alternative that really clicks with me yet.

@mike If you were to do it all statically, what would it best make sense to you? This can be a good way to model a way that would work for you when using an SSG.

@alvarezp I think the nutshell is that I want the Wordpress editor and the media management, but I don't want it on my server. My content is static, and there's no need for it to be PHP or whatever.

I'm totally the right person for a static site, it's the authoring tools I'm missing. If I'm fiddling about moving images around or changing absolute paths to relative ones all the time, it breaks my flow when actually writing.

@mike Let's split it in two:

The tools: I don't know any but yes, it would be nice to have an SSG UI. Maybe like an IDE with d&d and all.

The images: what I am planning for my blog in the future is just to have each post be a directory instead of an .md file, and place index.html and all its resources there, and just reference them by name and have a syntax to have automatic thumbnailing. Last time I checked Jekyll could not do that, but it's been a while and this may have changed.


@alvarezp I'm not convinced it's worth splitting in two. I've already determined I like Hugo, it works great for what I do and I know how to manage it.

But if there's no authoring tool I'm comfortable writing in that's not going to make sorting everything out a huge pain afterwards, there's no reason to switch over from what already works.

I have a hard enough time making myself write regularly as it is, if I add obstacles I'm going to end up completely stopped.

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