Expect my post freqency to go up now I've installed a command-line Mastodon client and can just whimsically share thoughts with you all without looking away from my main desktop which is full of terminal windows.


It's amazing the feeling of power knowing I can just type 'toot post ...' at any moment and bug the hell out of you all.


add voice control and leave the microphone next to your bed, in case you mumble in your sleep.

> Astro boy owes me forty dollars!

@mike You just did🤣 I am now head over heels in debugging this piece of iron, but when there is a free minute ... is this client easy to find?

@mike Well... we do have several tools to thwart your evil plans ;-)
But I can understand the temptation - I don't use my desktop for anything but wallpaper either.

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