I thought I was going to do a really simple merge of two sites, but turns out I totally fucked that idea years ago when I used a plugin I can't recall the name of to manage some weird workflows and now the importer chokes on everything from that era. Fuck technology.

@mike It's Wordpress. Nothing is quite as simple as you ever expect. But be glad: At least it's not Drupal!

@cefiar don't remind me, I made the mistake of committing to Drupal for a project once ...

But yeah, in this case I've got all the post data exported fine, and it's a pretty plain and obvious XML structure. I'm going to need to just strip out a lot of extra shit, simplify it, and I can probably import it fine. It's just going to be a little more complex than I wanted.

@mike I hear you buddy.
I have LOTS of notes on each site in my zimwiki locally and I still miss some things.

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