New toy day! Totally going to write the shit out of some 8k ROMs now! My own DIY cartridges are not far off.

@mike Here’s mine! I use it to backup the machine settings on our 1980s-technology moulding machines at work.

@futzle I just wrote my first ROM! Now I just need to build a cartridge so I can slot it into an actual computer. I have some blank boards with the right edge connectors here, but everything beyond that is going to be very DIY.

@mike @futzle

do you have a hot glue gun? you could go for the biopunk look.

@dolldolldoll me too! It's been fascinating reading up on stuff about this. The biggest surprise so far is that in a blank chip, every bit is a 1, and the writer only adds zeroes.

I got some old school UV-erase EPROMs so I could build an eraser as a side project. Going to run a bunch of UV LEDs with an Arduino and periodically scan the ROM contents to see if it's done yet.


now make a hundred of them and sell them out of a shoebox at the Caribbean Market.

@mike That game sure gave me a pitful over the years I played it.

@bignose finishing Pitfall 2 without cheating was one of the highlights of my early gaming experiences.

@mike A great tool - bought it for writing, and then found out it could be used to test a whole slew of 74-series/other ICs as well. :blobcheerbounce:


Are you writing your code using 64tass, dasm, acme, or some other other cross-assembler?

@profoundlynerdy at the moment acme and some extensions in VS Code. It's working well so far but I'm not doing anything complex yet.

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