Cleanup crew, please report to aisle M. Cleanup crew to aisle M. :awesome:

@mike Oh I bet that has good action though. Love me a mechanical keyboard!

@Rae it's been in out of storage for decades, mistreated and not cared for and once I straightened out the left Alt key, which was slightly askew, it's working perfectly.

Built like a tank.

@mike I still use my Dell SK-8115 (I say MY what I mean is it's on extended loan from an operations job I had about 10 years ago...)

@mike That's actually way cleaner than I'd expect a keyboard that old to be, tbh

@drbuttocks well it hasn't been gathering dust all that time, it's only been about 15 years since I last had it plugged in to anything.

@mike The Home and PageDown keys have obviously never been used. What can this tell us about the character of a person?🤔

@yrabbit well the person who's owned that keyboard for the last 25 years is me, so I'm not entirely sure why those keys in particular are more dirty than the rest. It's possibly just something random that happened to them in storage, really.

I last really used this a lot when I was working on my DS10 AlphaServer, helping port Fedora to that architecture. I definitely used it thoroughly then. Pretty sure no keys were spared. 😁

@mike @drbuttocks

can you still plug it in?

Mine has a DIN plug.

btw, love that keyboard. I have worked with it about 10 year. Mine had a dutch key setting, i still mis that.

@WandelStock I just ordered a new cable for it, mine has the detachable cable option and the main reason I haven't used it for ages is I lost the bloody thing.

Just plugged it into a PS/2 to USB adaptor, and it's good to go!

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