How did I reach this low point of spending my day setting up Active Directory OU structures and deploying Group Policy settings to Windows desktops? Where did it all go wrong?

@mike I suspect it was somewhen in the early-mid 90's.

@mike would you rather be pulling on a rope with fifty other guys, trying to drag a block of stone the size of a Datsun up the side of a pyramid while the overseer whips you and shouts "the jackals shall grow fat on thy carcass"?

@Nikolai_Kingsley kind of, yes. At least there'd be a distinct goal and a well-defined project scope.

@mike @Nikolai_Kingsley Yeah I gotta agree with Mike here. Having that kind of clear-cut goal would be amazing. Everything in IT just likes to grow till it's an eldrich horror of a thing that pretty much encompasses anything it touches, and many things that it doesn't.

@cefiar @Nikolai_Kingsley Just imagine if there was an IT equivalent of slapping a golden cap on top of your pyramid, entombing the CEO inside, and walking away. I'd be ecstatic.

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