Hey folks, it's my birthday this Wednesday (14th) and if you're in Melbourne, please come by The Kodiak Club on Brunswick Street that night and join me in enjoying the modern entertainment wonder that is open-mic comedy, and also probably drinking delicious cocktails before I pay someone to drive me home at a reasonable hour.

It'll be the party night of the millennium.

@uxintro my kid @sparkibee is a second generation August baby and is therefore greatness squared.

@mike @sparkibee I've got one of them too. But he doesn't have a fedipresence. That reminds me, I need to get a birthday present for him.

@mike Don't make me choose! I've got another Wed 14th event. When do you expect to be at the bar?

@bignose probably get there 6:30-7, going there straight from work. Will be there at least until the comedy finishes, maybe 10ish at least. Might go to another open mic down the road after if I'm in the mood. 😁

@mike I'm working so will miss the party night of the millennium. 😞

@mike would love to. alas we can't make it :( cc/@dolldolldoll

@mitra all good, I'll find a time to catch up with you both soon, for sure.

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