This Malwarebytes extension is fucking ludicrous, I think it's just flagging things at random.

@mike Only the most nefarious types of hackeroos use such niche operating systems.

Always check for outgoing spam emails egressing from your toothbrush.


there was a website i had an account on and occasionally contributed content to.. one day, Avast wouldn't let me go there - said they had some kind of malware. Avast can be a bit touchy, so i disabled it and tried again... and Firefox wouldn't let me go there, either. oh well.

@mike can you check if block of removed now ? I created ticket with them

@jaypatelani oh I already uninstalled it, I was doing an eval to see if it was worth rolling out to some users at work, but the false positive rate was so stupidly high it was going to be more trouble than it was worth.

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