I'd like to share a short lesson based on my experience working with computers for a couple of decades or so.

1) Don't ever put all the screws back in until you know it's working.

2) Putting all the screws in will stop something from working.

@mike A fair while ago, I saw this expressed as;
"Optimism is; putting the lid back on before you've tried it."

@Ephaemera @mike I saw this completely out of context and puzzled over which part of putting a lid back on a can of, say, peanuts before trying them is optimism.

@mike This is why I always make sure to immediately drop each screw and lose it behind furniture forever. Best to avoid the temptation

@mike i usually put in all screws like a week after it's working with case closed but not screwed.
@mike another tip... be careful whilst trying to release heatsink clips with a screwdriver. Goodbye motherboard.

@mike it is important to lose a screw every time you open up something and put it back together again, otherwise you'll anger the gods with your hubris or something like that

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