I saw a question somewhere the other day from someone saying something like "my multiple Electron apps use a lot of resources, is it possible to use just one shared runtime to handle them all?" and I just yelled at the screen "IT'S CALLED A WEB BROWSER YOU FUCKING DICKHEAD" but I don't think they heard me.

@Funkpirata the cat didn't really appreciate it last time, I don't think I can try again

@mike haha. My dog often gives me looks of disdain and leaves the room. They must think we are lunatics

@mike Web browser why? It's called a library dependency, and you get it by a proper OS package manager.

But you only get that by avoiding proprietary walled-garden systems. So, I guess I have some other shouting to do.

@bignose well this particular rant was specifically targeted at Electron and not software in general, but yes there's always more shouting to do.

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