Hi - please consider yourselves informed that @dolldolldoll is now your official "backup admin" if a hit-by-a-bus situation should occur - follow her main at @dolldolldoll if you want!

I've known Ivy for close to two decades now, we've co-sysadmined things previously and I vouch that you can trust her as you trust me.

Ivy will have access to all the backend systems and accounts, not to run things on a daily basis, but to ensure continuity of service if I can't.

@dolldolldoll @dolldolldoll when I went to make that post I stopped and recounted twice because I just couldn't believe it haha

@mike @dolldolldoll This is very reassuring, thank you both for organising and announcing this responsible stewardship of our community platform.

@mike @dolldolldoll @dolldolldoll

Yeah the 20-year mates are the most dangerous ones - they're just playing the long game. Now that you gave her the keys she will assume your identity and your body will never be found.

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