I've done another one of those "bid on a thing and I really want to win but I'm also kinda hoping I lose because that's a lot of money" eBay things. Might be emptying my minuscule savings account in 4 minutes.

Need to prep one of my C64s for sale this week to recover some of this cost. That'll be sad, but I won't need two 64s and a 128.

@mike may I ask what your asking price might be?

@koosli I'm not sure it'll depend on which one, there's a major difference in condition. I've also never considered selling one for even a second until now heh.

@mike well let me know when you've had a chance to think. I'd be happy with playable :)


@koosli will do a little stocktake when I get home (on Philip Island all weekend) and see what's there.

I have one that's "restored", and is clean and neat and exactly as it came from the factory, and one that's been modded and played with, and messed around with. The pristine one is the one I'm inclined to keep, but I need to make a really critical assessment of what shape the other one's in and whether I'm prepared to hand it over as a working machine.

Will talk later, anyway.

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