I have further Coca-Cola Salad questions that need answering, so here we go again.

Already seeing much clearer layer separation than last time!


We have successful stage separation! It's a thing? Let's make it a thing.

@mike somehow that looks more off-putting than the first version.

@Andrea and this is the reason for project 2 - keeping the original era methodology and ingredients, fix the aesthetic issues. Coming Soon.

@Andrea almonds. I considered walnuts to take the edge off the immense amount of sugar, but I just don't really like walnuts. I probably should have got flaked almonds though. I also added a little almond meal for structure and I think that'll be almost entirely in the jelly at the top.

@mike That's terrifying. I think I'll be using it in my next RPG session

@urbanfuzzy @mike I wonder if it can reproduce when it's cleaved in half

@koosli Yes! I reckon it needs an acid attack. Right… this thing is going in a Hero Kids session for the younguns this weekend. @mike

@mike ...and there's fruit so it must be healthy.

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