Because the Australians are cooler? The boring answer is that they have different regulations I think.

@loke I get there's probably different regulations, I'm just surprised they didn't just print the more conservative regulation and be done with it. Seems really odd to have different minimums.

Now you made me curious, and I'll look up what the regulation actually says, but I'm guessing that the regulation specifies the minimum temperature as as well. You probably don't want to freeze it, as a pressurised container may explode

@mike some weird thing about climate differences, maybe? :thaenkin:

@Jo when you're taking about refrigeration, climate shouldn't be an issue as it's a controlled climate space by definition.

@mike Notice how the US is missing? that's freedom my friend. <image of eagle with patriotic tear here>

@shlee obviously it's because it's a can of metric cream and not compatible with imperial recipes.

@mike correction for Coriolis effect. Aussie temps go clockwise, and Euro temps counter clockwise

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