I have further Coca-Cola Salad questions that need answering, so here we go again.

Already seeing much clearer layer separation than last time!

We have successful stage separation! It's a thing? Let's make it a thing.

@koosli two more batches. One to try to do the original recipe in a way I think is more correct to see if it works, and then a slightly different take on it that'll be era-appropriate but possibly more appealing.

Welcome to Mike's Test Kitchen. :awesome:

@mike somehow that looks more off-putting than the first version.

@Andrea and this is the reason for project 2 - keeping the original era methodology and ingredients, fix the aesthetic issues. Coming Soon.

@Andrea almonds. I considered walnuts to take the edge off the immense amount of sugar, but I just don't really like walnuts. I probably should have got flaked almonds though. I also added a little almond meal for structure and I think that'll be almost entirely in the jelly at the top.

@mike That's terrifying. I think I'll be using it in my next RPG session

@urbanfuzzy @mike I wonder if it can reproduce when it's cleaved in half

@koosli Yes! I reckon it needs an acid attack. Right… this thing is going in a Hero Kids session for the younguns this weekend. @mike

@mike ...and there's fruit so it must be healthy.


i wonder how it would go if you used pepsi max.

i like pepsi max because CAFFEINE, and i try to incorporate it into a lot of foods with any kind of liquid content. at least once.

@Nikolai_Kingsley probably just the same in this case, since there's no real cooking, but in general cooking with colas is best done with real sugar versions, because it behaves very differently to artificial sweeteners when heated.

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